Indoor Sports for
Pensacola Residents and Visitors

Support the area's first indoor sports facility for tournaments, conferences, and everyday play, at Pensacola's downtown waterfront.

A Warehouse for Sports-
And More.

Pickleball at Warehouse 4 Sports

Public / Day Use

Warehouse4Sports gives residents and visitors the chance to enjoy the sports they love, regardless of the weather outside!



Let's bring more indoor sports tournaments to Pensacola and give local athletes a place to show their stuff.

Community Events at Warehouse 4 Sports

Community Events

Host community events, graduations, seminars, and more while enjoying Pensacola's historic downtown.

E-Sports & Expos

Conferences, conventions, expos and exhibits will now have a place to grow and succeed, right here in Pensacola.

What's the Plan?

Lease the Building

The City Council will vote soon on a long-term lease for the empty Warehouse 4 building at the Port of Pensacola.

Build the Space

Warehouse 4 will be brought up to code and redeveloped, with a minimum of $2 million in private investment.

Ready, Set, Play!

The upgraded facility opens to the community and visitors for day-use, tournaments, and league play.

Expand the Arena

Long-range plans call for adding a 500-seat arena for "final four" style match play, graduations and more.

The Details

Check out this slideshow for more information, including details of the lease, economic impact of the facility, and diagrams of the upgraded warehouse.